What's New with RevFlow

Looking to find out what's new with the RevFlow?You're in the right place! This page will keep you informed about our latest system enhancements. Please be advised that while we make every effort to ensure updates are released at the scheduled date and time, we occasionally experience unforeseen circumstances that may cause a delay. Don't worry, though—we'll continue to regularly update this page and provide ample communication for any changes.

Upcoming Downtime: RevFlow has scheduled maintenance and will be unavailable from 6:00 PM PT on Saturday, June 12, 2021, through 12:00 AM PT on Sunday, June 13, 2021.  

The following defect corrections are now available. Thank you for your patience while we tested to ensure the best experience for you! 

  • Previously, when a patient had multiple Daily Notes for the same DOS on the same case in the WebPT EMR and the Authorization was in RevFlow prior to or with the first Daily Note, Visit Authorizations didn’t attach to all of the subsequent charges. This issue has been resolved and the Authorization will attach to all charges.
  • Previously, if RevFlow experienced issues or slowness, transactions weren’t always processed in the correct order and sometimes caused the referring physician to be excluded. This issue has been resolved and transactions will now be processed in the correct order.

April 15, 2021 at 4:15 PM PT 

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, when a patient had multiple Daily Notes for the same DOS on the same case in the WebPT EMR and the Authorization was in RevFlow prior to or with the first Daily Note, Visit Authorizations didn’t attach to all of the subsequent charges. This issue has been resolved and the Authorization will attach to all charges.
  • Previously, if RevFlow experienced issues or slowness, transactions weren’t always processed in the correct order and sometimes caused the referring physician to be excluded. This issue has been resolved and transactions will now be processed in the correct order.

April 10, 2021 at 4:15 PM PT 

Updated Auto/Adjust Rebill Page: The Company Gpms Code field is now required on the Auto Adjust/Rebill page in RevFlow (R2). This resolves slowness in the report when the field was left blank.

April 1, 2021 at 4:15 PM PT 

Updated CCI Edits: Each quarter, NCCI releases an updated set of Edit Rules to go into effect at the top of the quarter. Click here to view the updated set of Edit Rules for PTs and OTs effective April 1, 2021 in the RevFlow EMR.

March 25, 2021 at 4:30 PM PT

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, the top line of information for January 2021 displayed blank values for Insurance Class and Insurance Class Description on the Dashboard InsClass Aging by Current Insurance report. This issue has been resolved and the values that displayed with a blank Insurance Class will now appear on the report as part of the Cash Patient Insurance Class.

March 23, 2021 at 7:00 PM PT

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, the Print Status on the Batch Claims page—previously known as the Formatter Home page—didn’t always display correctly if the claims in the batch weren’t the same. This issue has been resolved and if the claims in the batch aren’t the same, the main page will now show In Progress.

February 4, 2021

Added Monthly Collection by Deposit Date Report

The Monthly Collection by Deposit Date Report is now available in RevFlow (R4) (Path: Management > Global Reports > Monthly Collection by Deposit Date). 

December 8, 2020

Added Subscriber Middle Initial: The Insured Party middle initial for a patient's primary and secondary insurance will now integrate from the WebPT EMR to RevFlow. This will help when an insurance requires the subscriber's middle initial to process claims. This does not affect historical data and will only integrate when a patient is added/edited in the EMR.

November 23, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, some Members experienced duplicated claims in RevFlow because certain claims were reset to a status that caused them to be reprocessed. This issue has been resolved and claims will no longer be duplicated.

November 17, 2020

Added Patient Middle Name Integration: When a patient’s middle name is either added or removed in the WebPT EMR, the middle initial will now reflect in RevFlow. This will reduce manual entry of patient information required for billing.

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, when a tab character was included in the Insurance Address fields in the WebPT EMR, the data imported incorrectly into RevFlow. This issue has been resolved and all Insurance Address fields will accurately flow over. 

October 24, 2020

Defects Corrected:

  • Previously, a patient’s guarantor phone number was saved in an incorrect format and resulted in claims on the Rejection Report. This issue has been resolved and the guarantor phone number will save correctly and not affect claims. (WebPT EMR + RevFlow) 

October 22, 2020

Enhanced MonthEnd Process: In order for the data to balance between MonthEnd reports, MonthEnd Charges, Payments & Adjustments, and Patient Credits will now be captured at the start of each month-end run.

September 17, 2020

Added CARC Value on Ledger Visit to Display: Members are now able to see the CARC (claim adjustment reason code) value followed by the Adjustment Qualifier and Adjustment Code from the Ledger Visit report in RevFlow.

August 25, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • When a Member ran the Trend Analysis report (Path: Reports > Trend Analysis Report), it produced an error message. This issue has been corrected and the report will now run to completion without error. 

August 6, 2020

Enhanced Modifiers Placement: The modifier's placement has been enhanced so that when the modifier comes over from the WebPT EMR into RevFlow and the first position is blank, the remaining modifiers will shift and fill the blank position. For example, if mod1 is blank, mod2 will fill the mod1 position, and mod3 will fill the mod 2 position, etc.

Defects Corrected

  • When an addendum was entered in the WebPT EMR, it did not display on the Output Report. This issue has been corrected and the addendum will no longer appear blank. Additionally, we increased the limit of Output Reports because Members were reaching the allowed limit.

July 22, 2020

RevFlow to WebPT: Payment on Account: WebPT EMR + RevFlow Members are now able to accept a payment against an outstanding balance without a date of service by entering it in the Payment on Account menu in the WebPT EMR. The payment will then be applied automatically in RevFlow against the remaining balance.

July 18, 2020

Added New Action Codes to RevFlow and WebPT Billing: New note codes have been added to RevFlow and WebPT Billing to allow Members and RCM WebPTers a wider variety of choices for the note being added. See the action codes below. 

Code Description
ATTPNDG Attorney Case Pending
ATTSETL Attorney ready to settle
ATTRET Attorney returned call
ACAUDIT Account Audit
CLINCCC Clinic Awaiting Carrier Change
CLINCOB Clinic COB Issue
CLINCRE Clinic Credentialing Process Pending
CLIPAID Clinic Paid Waiting Reporting
CLIDEMO Clinic Demographics Update
ADDENUM Clinic Pending Addendum
AUTHPND Clinic Pending Authorization
REQUEST Clinic Received request from office
REFUND Clinic Refund Request
SUSPEND Clinic Suspend Requested
TASKREV Clinic Task Review
WOPERPV Clinic Write Off Per Provider
WOREQST Clinic Write Off Requested
ADDINFO Insurance Additional Information Submitted
ADJTAKN Insurance Adjustment Taken
BLDSCND Insurance Billed Secondary
TRACES Insurance Check Tracer
INPRCSS Insurance Claim In Process
NOTONFL Insurance Claim Not On File
CLMRPSD Insurance Claim Reprocessed
CCREBLD Insurance Corrected Claim Rebilled
EOBREQT Insurance EOB Requested
ESCSUPR Insurance Escalated Supervisor
APLFRST Insurance Appeal First level
INFOFXD Insurance Information Faxed
LFTMSSG Insurance Left Message
MCRREOP Insurance Medicare Reopening
ONLSTAT Insurance Online Status Check
PRTOPAY Insurance Promise To Pay
PRVESCT Insurance Provider Relations Escalate
RBLDECS Insurance Rebilled ECS
RBLDFAX Insurance Rebilled Faxed
RBLDPPR Insurance Rebilled Paper
APLDSEC Insurance Appeal Second Level
CCHANGE Insurance Rebilled Carrier Change
RECVDCL Insurance Received Call
PFTOCSH Payment Found To Cash
PYMTERR Payment Posting Errors
RCPATNT Re-Classed To Patient
WCPNDG Workmans Comp Case Pending
TIER2 Tier 2
T2REV Tier 2 Review

June, 10, 2020

Print RevFlow Patient Statement (WebPT + RevFlow Members): Often, front office employees are unable to print patient statements on demand because they don’t have access to RevFlow. However, now they have the ability to print a statement directly from the WebPT EMR. Click here for more information on how to print patient statements from the WebPT EMR. 

May 21, 2020

Payments by Date of Service: Previously, payments were simply assigned using a single rule: the oldest charge gets the oldest payment. In order to ensure a patient’s payment is being applied where it should, payments can be assigned a specific Date of Service. Click here to learn more and click here to view the distribution roles and examples.

May 13, 2020

Added POS Identifier Search Criteria Insurance Class Summary Report: An additional search criteria for 'Place of Service Identifier' has been added to the Insurance Class Summary report in RevFlow. Members who provide telehealth services will now see the total visits, charges, and associated details for Telehealth visits. 

Inactive Patient Letters Displayed For Selection: Previously, active and inactive patient letters were available for selection, regardless of their status. This has been updated so that only "active" patient letters are available for selection.

April 23, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • A security update made by FOTO caused issues with the FOTO process and the RevFlow EMR interface. This issue has been resolved.

April 18, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • When a Member documented on an iPad under Exam > Range of Motion, an issue caused duplicated and overwritten entries. This issue has been corrected.

April 16, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • Previously, the company drop-down selection box was not available on the My Payment Activity Report. This issue has been corrected and the selection box is now available inside My Activity Report in Revflow.

April 2, 2020

Revert New Patient Logic Place of Service Summary and Insurance Class Summary Reports: The New Patient counts have been reverted back to the previous 2019 logic on the Place of Service Summary and Insurance Class Summary Reports in RevFlow. This logic aligns with the reports prior to the Q4 logic update.

March 26, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • Initial evaluations on the Place of Service (POS) Summary Report were not matching the POS Charge Stats Report. In order to balance with the POS Summary Report, the following charges will not be included in the total visit count on the POS Charge Stats Report: supplies, medical records, tax, missed appointment and no show.

March 21, 2020

Defects Corrected

  • The Late Reason drop down on the Claim Indicator page, found in the left navigation bar, had two misspellings. The 'Delay in Certifying Provider' and 'Original Claim Rej or Denied' options have been corrected.
  • When a charge was posted for the last date of the authorization date range, the units were not being included when determining the units used. This resulted in an incorrect units used value. This has been corrected.
  • Previously, patient refunds could only be issued up to the amount of the patient's excess Copay amount. Since patient payments can now be designated as payment types other than Copay, the process was changed to look at the total amount of patient payment in excess when processing patient refunds.

March 12, 2020

Date of Birth in Schedule Report: The Master Appointment List now has a column for Date of Birth. Note: If the Member is using a third party for appointment reminders, they may need to confirm the columns prior to upload.

Defects Corrected 

  • When a Member double clicked on “visits” in the Place of Service Summary Report (found by clicking Practice and Location > Place of Service Summary) they found nulled fields for Visits and the cells that use Visits in their formula. This has been corrected and the fields are now populating with data.
  • The Payments Report (found by clicking Reports > My Activity Reports > Payments) was displaying an error after entering input in the search criteria. This issue has been corrected. 
  • The payments shown on the MGMT Report Card for some members was inconsistent with the amounts shown on the live POS Summary Report. An issue with the 'CP' Insurance Class in the MGMT Report Card has been corrected. This issue with the Insurance Class data has been corrected for future months.

March 9, 2020 

Update to Month End Snapshots: On February 27, 2020, an update to the month end process was released that didn’t consider the possibility of duplicates in the master fee schedules. As a result, some Members saw inflated numbers in the reports from the month end snapshot. This issue has been corrected for future months. 

February 8, 2020

Archiving Process Updates: RevFlow has modified the existing archiving process so that it will work more efficiently for integrated messages. The following items older than 180 days will be archived and unavailable in RevFlow: 

  • Transactions that came through WebPT EMR
  • Failed messages displaying on the Integration Rejection Report
  • Successful messages for charges, including those that have addendums later on
  • Addendums made after 180 days will not appear on the Updated Charge Report
  • Messages from Payright and the other integrations

January 18, 2020

2020 Therapy Threshold - EMR Calculation: The 2020 Therapy Threshold (previously referred to as Therapy Cap) for the EMR Calculation has been updated from $2,040 to $2,080. 

2020 Therapy Threshold - Add Charges Calculation Update: The Add Charges page in RevFlow (found by clicking Charges, then Add Charges) has been modified for the new Therapy Threshold of $2080 for the year 2020 (updated from $2040 in 2019)

Defects Corrected

  • The Edit Payments page is to edit insurance payments, not MACRO patient payments (payments in the system posted by the MACRO user). If patient payments are edited on this page, it de-links the payment from the patient account, causing multiple issues. Thus, patient payments will now be viewable but grayed out, making them not editable. 
  • When a charge is entered in WebPT and integrated into RevFlow, then that same charge is edited in RevFlow. When an addendum was done in WebPT, it was creating a duplicate charge in RevFlow. Because the ID of that charge was not being carried forward on the edit done in RevFlow, RevFlow wasn't finding the original charge and was creating a duplicate. The ID is now updating during the edit in RevFlow, and duplicates are no longer occurring.

December 14, 2019

Corrected Transaction Type: Previously, when payments were received in RevFlow from the WebPT integration, all payments updated in RevFlow with a Transaction Type of “Copay.” Individual transaction types will now be updated for each payment entered (e.g., a deductible entered on payment in WebPT will show a transaction type of “Deductible” on the payment in RevFlow).

Defects Corrected

  •  Previously, Members received an error message when accessing the Patient Payment Log. The issue has been resolved, and the process should now run successfully.

November 16, 2019

Integration: Guarantor/Responsible Party Data Correction: On a new patient note sent from WebPT to RevFlow, the Responsible Party information in RevFlow will correctly be updated from the Guarantor Information in WebPT.

Date of Injury Update: In certain situations, the Date of Injury in RevFlow was set to the wrong date. Updates were made to correct the date, using information from the finalized note in WebPT. When Injury Type is “None of the Above,” Date of Injury will be blank. When Injury Type is either “Auto Accident (At Fault),” “Auto Accident (No Fault),” “Employment Injury,” or “Other Accident,” the date of Injury in RevFlow will be set to the Injury/Onset Date/Change of Status Date entered on the note in WebPT. A finalized note is needed to send the date from WebPT to RevFlow.

Defects Corrected

  • After saving a payment from the Batch Payments page (path: Payments > Batch Payments), the cursor will be returned to the Account # field, as it used to.
  • On the Unassigned Payments page (path: Payment > Unassigned Payments), Members will now be able to change the Provider field on the payment lines.

November 7, 2019

Change Claim Delay Description: Change Claim Delay description has been updated to "Misc Hold by WebPT" where it used to display "Misc Hold by BMS."  The following reports will display this new description:

  • Charge > Charge Audit
  • Charge > Charge Audit BMS
  • Management > Claims Management > Auto Adj/Rebill
  • Charge > Release Claim Delay
  • Reports > Audit Reports > Charge Claim Delay Summary
  • Management > Claims Management > Cross Clinic Claim Delay

October 17, 2019

Secondary Billing Updates: On both the Edit Payments and Error Corrections pages, if the Adjustment Qualifier field is set to "PR" (indicating patient responsibility), then there must be a value greater than zero in the transfer amount (Xfer Det Amt) field. Similarly, if the Adjustment Qualifier is set to "CO" (indicating a contractual obligation), then either the Payment Amount or Adjustment Amount field must be greater than zero.

October 3, 2019

"Account Without Payment and Without Status Notes" Error: For some Members, running the Account Without Payment and Without Status Notes report (path: Management > CSR) produced an error. This has been corrected, and the report should run to completion now without error.

Defects Corrected

  • The Auth Visits Remaining Report (Path: Reports → Scheduler Reports → Appointment Tracking) was not printing the filter field in chronological order. They’re now listed in chronological order.
  • Modifications to the Paid CPT Code Report (Path: Reports > Practice & Location) were made to correct some issues when running the report by Deposit Date. The report now accurately summarizes the units and charges associated with the payments, and provides the correct totals for the Units and Payment/Units columns at the bottom.

September 12, 2019

Referral Source Summary Times Out: The Referral Source Summary Report (path: Reports > Practice & Location) was timing out for some Members before throwing an error. These issues have been resolved, and the report now runs to completion.

Improved WebPT + RevFlow Performance: Members were experiencing slowness with the WebPT + RevFlow integration. After modifying integration settings, transactions can now be received from the EMR into RevFlow at a faster speed.

September 5, 20219

Defects Corrected

  • The Payments Breakdown by POS Report (Path: Report > Monthend Reports) was not loading, and was giving an error message. The issue with the report have been corrected, and it is now working properly.
  • The InsClass A/R by Cur Ins Report was displaying an error for some members in certain data situations. This issue has been corrected, and the error should no longer occur.
  • Since custom adjustment codes can be added for individual clinics, if one of these custom codes is used by another clinic, it showed up on the Adjustments by Location report with no adjustment code. This has been modified to show up with an adjustment code of "0000", and the user can now drill down on that adjustment code to see the detail.

August 17, 2019

Defects Corrected

  •  Previously, when printing the TRN Denial letter or the TRN Schedule letter, the logo and some of the fields were not printing for certain Members. The issue has been resolved, and all information should now be printing on these letters.
  • When there is enough data to cause the output to have multiple pages on the Add/Edit Payer Rules option (Path: Payment > Add/Edit Payer Rules), an error occurred when selecting the second and subsequent pages.  This issue has been resolved.

August 8, 2019

Dashboard Ins Class Aging Minus Liens and Credits Report: Because of a timing issue when payments are posted near the end of the month, the current insurance code on the charge wasn’t using the correct value. This caused incorrect values on the Dashbord Ins Class Aging Minus Liens and Credits Report (Path: Reports > Monthend Reports). This issue has been corrected.

July 27, 2019

Update Case Billing Provider When Charge is Received: Previously, when a case from WebPT EMR shows a PTA as the case provider, the case fails to load and ends up on the rejection report. Now, when a case is received and the RevFlow case provider type is “treating provider,” then the billing provider field on the case will be blank and the case will load with an incomplete status. Once a charge is received in RevFlow for that case, the billing provider from the charge will update the case, and the status on the case will be changed to complete.
Rejections Report: Removal Ability: Members are now able to remove items from the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary Report (Path: Reports Menu > Audit Reports > WebPT Integration Rejection Summary) by checking the line to be removed, and pressing the remove button. Once the item has been removed, it cannot be reversed. Click here to view this new functionality.
Payment Integration Report Enhancement: The Payment Integration Report (Path: Reports Menu > Audit Reports > Payment Integration Report) has been modified to correct an issue where two columns on the report (Money Type and Transaction Type) were not printing values. Both fields are now operating as expected and the column called Money Type was renamed to Payment Method.
Defects Corrected
  • The Precautions and Allergies icon (which appears next to the patient name in the demographics area) has been corrected to display the correct data. This issue was mostly seen when the patient had multiple cases.

July 18, 2019

Aging Report Enhancement: The InsClass A/R by Curr Ins report (accessible via the Reports menu, then Aging Reports) has been modified to allow selection by Insurance Code. Previously, only the options of Insurance Class and Payer were allowed.

Cross Clinic Patient Search Update: The Cross Clinic Patient Search has been modified to allow Members to locate patients within their parent company—which could comprise multiple companies. If the user has access to the menu option, they will have access to all patients within the parent company. This feature is accessible through the Management menu, then choosing: Cross Clinic Patient Search.

July 11, 2019

Large EOBs Receiving Time-Out Errors: The process of resetting very large EOBs would time-out and a message would be received that the EOB could not be reset. This process has been modified to allow more time before it times out.

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