Missing ERAs

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We’ve been alerted by our Members to an uptick in missing ERAs. During the course of our investigation, we spoke with several clearinghouses who’ve indicated that payer changes—such as consolidation—are the primary cause for missing EOBs/ERAs. Unfortunately, because we do not control how the payers manage their ERAs, there is nothing we can do to prevent these issues from occurring. 

What we can do is help reconcile the ERAs back to your account. 

How will I know if I’m missing an ERA?

Typically, you’ll notice the missing remits when balancing your payments or when closing your month.
Some examples include:
  • Receiving a check in the mail, but being unable to locate the corresponding ERA in RevFlow.
    • Navigation: e-EOB > Eob Clinic Summary
  • A deposit into your bank account, without a related ERA.
Important: Please allow four business days after the receipt of the EFT/Check before following the missing ERA process below. This is the standard outlined in the Affordable Care Act.

I’m missing an ERA, what should I do? 

  1. For the quickest resolution, call the payer directly. 
  2. Ask them to mail or fax a duplicate EOB. 
  3. Then, email edi.help@webpt.com to notify us of the missing ERA(s) and provide the following information:
    1. Payer Name
    2. Check Number/EFT Number
    3. Check Date
    4. Check Amount
Important: These details are required to open an EDI ticket. 
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