Charges: Billing Workflow

Let's quickly review how charges flow from the WebPT EMR to RevFlow after a note is finalized. We'll focus on the key pages you'll be interacting with to ensure the charges flow into RevFlow and are billed to the patient's primary insurance.

  1. Check the WebPT EMR’s Missed Notes Report. Were all patient visits documented and finalized?

  2. Confirm all appropriate charges have a "Transmission Successful" message on the WebPT EMR Claims Feed Report

  3. Work and resolve relevant entries in the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary.

  4. Review your Charge Audit report and pend anything that you need to hold. 

  5. Once released (either automatically or manually) from the Charge Audit page, the charges will go through RevFlow's claim scrubbing process. Charges that pass the process will be billed out, charges that fail or have been pended will appear on the Claim Delay Summary page.

  6. Work the Claim Delay Summary report. You may need to complete items like attaching an authorization or providing certification information to the

  7. Once you've resolved delayed claims, use the Release Claim Delay page to resend the worked charges back through the scrubbing process.

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