Add or Edit a Patient

When adding new patients to the WebPT EMR, there are some key fields you need to be aware of to ensure clean claims. First, you should use the Add Patient functionality (not Quick Add) or Send Intake Invitation. You can learn more about the Patient Intake feature here

Required fields when adding a patient are noted below.

Note: Do not use the Quick Add option if the choice is provided. Using this method will create an incomplete patient profile that does not integrate properly with RevFlow. This will cause preventable errors on the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary in RevFlow, leading to increased time required to work this report daily.

Add Patients

  1. Click Add Patient located under the Patient Manager section on the left of the EMR.

Patient Info

  1. Complete the Patient Info section.
    1. Required fields: Status (defaulted to Active), First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Language Preference, and Is Guarantor (defaulted to “Yes” for adults and “No” for minors)

Add Address

  1. In the next section, click Add Address. While you can enter multiple addresses, only the one listed as Primary will transmit to RevFlow. This is used as the mailing address for statements.
    1. Required fields: Address Type, Address1, City, State/Province, Postal Code, and Country.
    2. The Address2 field integrates with RevFlow but isn’t required.
    3. If the patient has Medicare, might purchase billable supplies, or is treated at home, then a 9-digit Postal Code is required.                         

Contact Info

  1. Switch to the Contact Info tab, select Add Contact, and add the Contact Type of Phone. Only the phone number marked as Primary will transmit to RevFlow.
    1. Required fields: Phone Type.


Move to the Identifications tab, click Add Identifications, and add the ID Type of Social Security

    1. Required fields: ID Type and ID #.
    2. Failure to add will generate an SSN of 999999999 in RevFlow. This will cause issues when submitting claims to various insurances, such as Worker’s Compensation.

Add Insurance

In the next section, select Add Insurance.

    1. Required fields: Subscriber ID.                                  
    2. Worker’s Comp Employer Details required fields: Claim Number, Employer’s Name, Address1, City, State/Province, Postal Code, and Country.
    3. Auto Medical required fields: Auto Claim or Casualty Number.

Add Case

In the next section, click Add Case.

    1. Required fields: Case Title, Primary Insurance, Related Cause, Referring Physician, and Assigned Therapist
    2. For the Related Cause, only five options are integrated with RevFlow: Auto Accident (At Fault), Auto Accident (No Fault), Employment Injury, Other Accident, and None of the Above. Any case with a non-integrated Related Cause will populate in RevFlow with an Injury Type of “Other.”                                                         
  1. If an Authorization is required, select Yes. Once the case is added, a new window will appear. Depending on the insurance’s settings in RevFlow, you must include the Authorization # to avoid a Pending Authorization hold on the Charge Claim Delay Summary. You may use 0000 as a placeholder authorization number if needed.                                                                                
  2. If the KX modifier is needed, you’ll need to select the KX radio button for the Apply Modifier entry. Note: The GA modifier will not transmit to RevFlow.     

Save Patient

  1. Once all information has been entered, click Save Patient at the bottom of the Patient Info screen.                                                                                                               

Patient Profile in RevFlow

Once the patient is saved in WebPT, the patient profile imports into RevFlow, including Responsible Party/Guarantor information. If you have trouble locating your patient in RevFlow, double-check your Claims Feed Report and your WebPT Integration Rejection Summary Report.

Patient Case in RevFlow

The patient case will import into RevFlow after one of the following events:

  1. A billable note is finalized for the patient by an authorized provider. Note: A note finalized without charges will not count, as only notes with billable charges will be pulled into RevFlow
  2. A patient payment is entered onto that case in the EMR.

Patient Notes

When patient documentation is finalized, the following information imports into RevFlow:

Key Dates

  • Date of Initial Evaluation will import as both the Case Effective Date and Assignment Date.
  • Date of Injury

Charge Information

  • Diagnosis codes
  • Treatment diagnosis codes
  • CPT/Procedural codes and their associated units

Edit Patients

  1. To begin, locate the patient record. Start by clicking Display Patients, located in the Patient Manager.                                                                                                           
  2. Search for the patient using any of the available search fields, including Name, Birth Date, Therapist, Insurance, Insurance Type, Status, etc. 
  3. Find the patient and click the Edit link. This will take you directly to the Patient Info screen.
  4. In the Patient Info section, click Edit.
  5. Update information as needed and use the Save Patient button to save your changes. Please note that if clinic settings have changed, you may be prompted to enter the newly required information.
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