Account with Credit Balances

Use this report to easily audit accounts that show insurance and/or patient credits. This report should be analyzed before processing any insurance or patient refunds.

  1. Navigate to Reports > Patient Reports > Account with Credit Balances. The report will automatically run.
  2. To prioritize accounts, we recommend sorting by the Ins Bal (Insurance Balance), Pat Bal (Patient Balance), or Balance (Total Balance) columns in descending (largest to smallest) order. 

  3. Research any accounts with a large balance.
  4. If a significant number of accounts show a credit, determine the cause. Report your findings to management and discuss possible solutions to reduce future refunds.

Accounts with credit balances should be worked in the following order:

  1. Insurance
    1. Medicare/Federal (Work patient credit balances for these insurances at the same time.)
    2. All other insurances
  2. Patient
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