Closing Non-RevFlow ERAs

When you first begin using RevFlow as your billing solution, you will still be working in your old software to manage claims billed from that system. During this period, you'll receive ERAs in RevFlow for dates of service submitted from your old software. Let's discuss how to spot these ERAs and what to do with them.

For this example, your company started using RevFlow on June 1, 2018. From the Release ERA page:

  1. Locate the ERA(s) you want to auto-post and place a checkmark in the Release column. 

  2. At the bottom of this section, enter a Deposit Date and a Batch Number. Remember, batch numbers are very useful when balancing. Click Release.

  3. After the ERA has been processed and the page refreshed, scroll to the Error Reports section at the bottom of the page.
  4. To see what did not post, click the blue Error Report link next to the desired ERA to open the full report in a new window. 

  5. The error report shows the individual CPT codes within the ERA, and an Error Description for each line. Payments for dates of service belonging in your previous system typically have Patient account was not found or Account, Date of Service, CPT code, and units combination was not found listed in the Error Desc column. 

There are a few ways to determine that this ERA is for claims submitted through your old software:

  • Account # - If the listed number does not start with your Company Code (i.e. ZZC), then the claim was sent using your old software. As we can see in the example above, the account numbers end a letter. In RevFlow, account numbers will only have a numeric value as the last number.
  • Date of Service - In this example, the visit clearly took place before your company started using RevFlow.

For these ERAs:

  1. Post the lines in your old billing software.
  2. From the Error Reports section, place a checkmark in the Close column for the corresponding ERA. 

  3. Click Update.

Mixed ERAs

You may also encounter an ERA that contains payment details for claims submitted out of RevFlow and your old billing software. For these, post each line in the system that it was billed from. It is recommended that you post the entire ERA at once so you can verify that the totals match.

For example, you receive an ERA with a payment of $100, but only 3 CPT codes (totaling $25) were billed from RevFlow.

  1. Release the ERA. The 3 lines ($25) that belong in RevFlow will be posted for you.
  2. Scroll to the Error Reports section and open the report to see what didn't post.
  3. Post the remaining lines ($75) into your old billing software.
  4. Verify that the total amount posted between both systems ($100) equals the original ERA Total.
  5. Close and Update the ERA.
ERA Total RevFlow Total Old Software Total
$100 $25 $75

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