Dashboard Paid Claims by Financial Class by Visit

This report represents your data at the time a particular month was closed. It can be used for marketing strategies, negotiations for re-credentialing, and informed forecasting. All entries on this report are grouped by Insurance Class.

Note: You can also access the real-time report by navigating to Reports > Practice & Location > Paid Claims by Financial Class by Visit. The real-time report allows you to drill down even further, giving you the ability to see the average reimbursement per CPT code.

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Monthend Reports > Dashboard Paid Claims by Financial Class by Visit.
  2. Indicate the Company, Month, Year, and Place of Service you want to include in the report. 
  3. Click Run Report.


For this report:

  • The entire visit must have a balance of zero to be included
  • The Payments column reflects the total of insurance and patient payments
  • Averages are calculated using data for the past 6 months

  • InsClass Code: The code assigned to a particular payer or group of payers
  • InsClass Description: A description of the InsClass Code
  • POS: The Place(s) of Service included
  • Visits: A group of charges for a unique case, provider, location, and Date of Service
  • Charges: Total amount billed
  • Payments: Total of insurance and patient payments for the included visits, by deposit date
  • Adjustments: Total insurance and patient adjustments for the included visits, by deposit date
  • Chg / Visit: Average dollar amount charged per visit
  • Pay / Visit: Average dollar amount paid by the insurance and patient per visit
  • Adj / Visit: Average dollar amount adjusted off by the insurance and for the patient per visit
  • Collection %: Calculated using the formula (Payments / Charges)
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