MonthEnd Reports

These reports provide you with an overview of your monthly financial income based on a variety of categories. Each report is static and is a snapshot in time. Data is captured as of the most recent month-end. All reports can be drilled down to a specific practice and/or location.

To display each report, navigate to  Reports Monthend Reports.

Adjustments Breakdown by POS

This report displays a list of adjustments by Adjustment Code and Description. It can be viewed by all or individual practices as well as all or particular locations. This information is useful for fine-tuning your charges. You can also access the real-time report for adjustments by selecting Reports > Practice and Location > Adjustments by Location.

Dashboard Aging by POS

This report displays aging by location and places amounts in 30-day buckets. You have the option of drilling down on each location to view the patient information.

Dashboard Associated Payments by DOS

This report displays a breakdown of total dollars posted in a specific month. The information indicates the total dollar amount of the posted payments applied to Dates of Service 0-30, aged at greater than one month, etc. This is useful in determining the timing for received collections/payments.

Dashboard InsClass Aging by Current Insurance

This report breaks down the total of your Account Receivable by insurance class. This information provides you with a better understanding of your A/R and aged A/R. You can also drill down on each individual class. You can also access the real-time report by navigating to Reports Aging Reports > InsClass A/R by Cur Ins.

Dashboard Paid Claims by Financial Class By Visit

This report provides a view of visits that have completely resolved to a zero balance, by insurance class. Insurance and patient payments are both included. Averages are also calculated using data for the past 12 months. You can also access the real-time report by navigating to Reports Practice & Location > Paid Claims by Financial Class by Visit.

Insurance Class Breakdown by POS

Provides a breakdown, by insurance class, of new patients, visits, and units. The associated charges, payments, and adjustments are also displayed. The dollar amounts are based on the date they were received but could be attributed to a Date of Service from a previous month.

Monthly Stats by POS

Totals for the selected month and the 11 months prior are displayed, along with the associated new patients, visits, units, charges, payments, and adjustments. Charges are based on the month’s Dates of Service while the payments and adjustments could be attributed to previous months.

Payments Breakdown by POS

This report shows a breakdown of payment amounts according to the associated Payment Code. For real-time data and patient names, navigate to Reports > Practice and Location > Payments by Location.

Place of Service Breakdown by POS

Provides a simple view of all pertinent information for the month chosen.

Provider Breakdown by POS

Display new patients, visits, charges, and payment details by Provider. This report is useful for determining a provider’s monthly production and associated financial information.

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