Post Interest, Medical Record Fees, and Supply Payments

Interest payments, medical records fees, and supply transactions are all posted in Unassigned Payments.

Before You Begin

Please read Post/Delete Patient Payments.

Posting an Interest Payment

Interest payments received from insurance companies should be posted in Unassigned Payments. The system will automatically create a charge line for the amount of the payment. The payment entered will then be applied, leaving a zero balance due.

  • Trans. Type: Set as INTEREST
  • Ins. Code: Select the payer that sent the interest payment
  • Payment Code: Make a selection based on the payer
  • Amt: Will display 0.00 if entered correctly

If the Amt field is not 0.00, delete the payment and re-enter. The system will also delete the charge that was automatically created.

Posting Medical Record and Supply Payments

Medical Record and Supply payments are entered using the same method as Interest payments. The only difference is the Trans. Type.

  • Medical Records - Use the Medical Record Trans. Type
  • Supplies - Use the Supply Record Trans. Type

Important: If a charge was manually entered for Medical Records or Supplies, do not enter the corresponding payment with the Trans. Type. This will result in duplicate charges. Instead, post the payment directly to the charge using the Add Payments page or enter an Unassigned Payment as COPAY.

Patient Ledger

Interest, Medical Record, and Supply payments are all reflected on the Ledger Full/Visit with a CPT code of INT.

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