Post/Delete Patient Payments

Patient payments are typically posted in Unassigned Payments and not directly on charge lines. RevFlow holds the payment until there is an outstanding balance due from the patient on a charge line; an automated process moves those payments out of Unassigned Payments and onto the charge lines with open patient balances.

Accessing Unassigned Payments

Navigate to Payment > Unassigned Payments.

Unassigned Payments Layout

The page is divided into two sections:

  • Upper - This is where you enter the payment information
  • Lower - Displays past payments that have been posted on the patient’s account

Unassigned Payments - Upper Section

To enter a patient payment, you must enter the following information:

  1. Patient Header: The patient account that the payment will be posted to
  2. Deposit Date: Enter the deposit date
  3. Trans. Type: Always select COPAY, regardless if the payment is for coinsurance or deductible
  4. Place of Service: Defaults to the POS on the patient’s case
  5. Provider: Defaults to the provider entered on the patient’s case
  6. Payment Code: Select PATIENT PD IN OFFICE
  7. Comment: Optionally, you can enter any details that pertain to the payment
  8. Amount: Enter the payment amount
  9. Money Type: Select the type of funds you received
  10. Check/CC Number: For Check/Credit payments, this field is required; enter the check number or the credit card transaction approval code
  11. Ins. Code: Select 0 - Patient
  12. Batch: If entering multiple payments on the same day, you can assign each payment to a batch

Once the information is entered, click Add.

Unassigned Payments - Lower Section

The information entered previously is displayed in the lower section. To view all of the information, use the scrollbar to move left and right.

  • Amt: The amount of the payment that is still unassigned
  • Orig Amt: The original payment amount

  • Delete: Removes the payment from the system, including portions that have been assigned

Deleting Patient Payments

You can delete a patient payment by clicking the Delete button on the payment line in the lower section of the page. The entire payment is removed from the account. This includes removing it from the charge lines if the payment has already been allocated onto charges with a patient balance, as well as removing any remaining balance out of Unassigned Payments.

Note: Once the previous month is closed, payments cannot be edited or removed.

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