Released EOBs Report

This report is a summary that displays information about electronic EOBs (ERAs) that have been released or closed at any point. It displays when they were closed or released and by whom. If ERAs were released, it also shows the number of errors, when the error report was closed, and who it was closed by.

Accessing the Released EOBs Report

Open the e-EOB menu and select Released EOBs Report.

Release EOBs Report Search Criteria

To begin a search you must enter an EOB Start and End Date. You can also enter a specific check number.

Released EOBs Report

The report displays a summary of information related to ERAs that have been released or closed through the Release ERA process. The report includes blue drill-down links to view the EOB detail or to view the Error Report.

  1. Processed: Date the EOB was released or closed.
  2. Released By: Name of the user who released or closed the EOB.
  3. # of Errors: Link to the Error Report.
  4. Error Report Closed By: The name of the user that worked the Error Report.
  5. Error Report Closed Date: The date the report was closed.
  6. Release Status: Indicates if the EOB was released or closed.
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