EOB Clinic Summary

This report displays electronic EOBs (ERAs) that have loaded into the system.

Note: Quickly identify which Dates of Service were sent from RevFlow and which are from your old billing software by looking at the patient’s account number; they will always start with your clinic code (i.e. 96A). See the below example for a visual representation.

Accessing the EOB Clinic Summary

Open the e-EOB menu and select Eob Clinic Summary.

EOB Clinic Summary Search Criteria

Enter a date or date range for the EOBs that you are interested in and click Run Report. The dates entered are the issue dates of the EOBs, not the Dates of Service.

EOB Clinic Summary Report

The report displays EOB information such as Check #, Payer Name, and the Total for the date range you specified. To view a copy of the EOB, click on the Check #.

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