User Roles

When creating a new user in RevFlow, you must select a User Type and Role. The selections made determine their permissions, including which parts of RevFlow they can access and what functions they can perform.

User Type 

The type dictates if the user can access one or multiple company accounts. 

  1. Partner: Select this type if the user needs to access multiple companies. You can choose which companies the user can access and set a default company in the App Permission card. 
  2. Customer: Select this type if the user only needs to access one company. They will be assigned to the company you’re currently logged into. 

User Role 

The role dictates which pages the user can see and how much access they have to add and edit information. Use the following tables to determine what role best suits the new user. 

RevServe & RevEquip User Types 

The following user types and roles apply to RevServe and RevEquip Members

Role Definition & Access  Service Type
Practice Admin WebPT Integration  This user has access to all pages and functionality required for Members with RCM Service. This includes view active and delayed charges, reporting, and adding users. RevServe, RevEquip
Front Office WebPT Integration  This user can search for and view patients, add and edit charges, manage unassigned payments, access general productivity and exception reports, and view insurances and referring physicians. RevServe, RevEquip
Provider  This user has very similar access to the Front Office user above, however, they can only view charges by patient. RevServe, RevEquip
Partner Admin This user has full access to all pages and functionality for each company to manage the billing lifecycle from end-to-end. This includes creating users. RevEquip
Partner CSR and Payment Poster This user has access to both payment posting and accounts receivable functionality, including managing patient records, add/view charges, post payments, work zero pays and open balances, and review payment balancing and aging reports.  RevEquip
Partner Payment Poster This user can manage patient records, add/view charges, post payments, and review payment balancing reports.  RevEquip
Partner Customer Service Representative This user has access to the billing, payment posting, accounts receivable functions, and the related reports.  RevEquip
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