Delinquent Patient Accounts

Once you have determined an outstanding patient account is delinquent, RevFlow has several tools available to help manage those accounts and to move them out of the working A/R.

Setting the Collection Flag

If it is determined that a patient’s account should be sent to a collection agency, you have the ability to set the Collection Flag. To set the Collection Flag on an account, click the checkbox at the bottom-left of the Account Summary tab labeled Flag Collection.

By checking this box, a yellow banner displays in the patient header and a note will be added to the patient’s account stating that the Collection Flag has been set. This banner is viewable by all users alerting them of the patient’s collection status.

Setting the Payment Plan Flag

If a patient has a high balance and agrees to a monthly payment plan, you are able to flag that account to indicate that the patient is on a payment plan. To set the Payment Plan flag, click the checkbox next to Payment Plan on the bottom-right of the Account Summary tab.

Checking this box will add an Account Note stating that the patient is on a payment plan. It will also display on the Patient Statement Listing report.

ACOL Adjustment

If an account balance needs to be removed from the working A/R because it has been turned over to a collection agency, you should adjust off the balance using an ACOL adjustment code.

Account balances that have been adjusted using ACOL as the adjustment code will appear on the Payment/Adjustment Summary report.

Double-clicking the ACOL code will display a list of patient’s and their adjusted balances.

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