Analyze Accounts with a Patient Balance Due

Before you contact the patient regarding their balance due, it’s important that you know how to use tools in the application to help you understand the balance on the account.

Account Summary Tab

On the patient’s Account Information page, click the Account Summary tab. This displays a high-level view of the financials on the account, including the total balance due from the patient.

Last Patient Statement

From the patient’s Account Information page, select Last Patient Statement from the navigation pane.

This report details all of the statement activity for the patient. From this report, you can determine how many statements have been mailed to the patient. In the example below, you see that this patient has received three consecutive statements for the same amount.

Patient Payment Log

From the patient’s Account page, select  Patient Payment Log from the navigation pane. It is helpful to review this before you contact a patient regarding their outstanding balance. This report lists all patient payments entered into the application, sorted by deposit date, payment type, and amount. You also have the ability to specify a date or date range of payments you wish to review. You can expand each payment type using the + icon to reveal individual dates of service and related units. 

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