Patient Balance Collections Management Reports

There are numerous reports related to patient information but there are two in particular that are helpful with patient collections

  • Reports > Aging Reports > InsClass A/R by Cur Ins
  • Reports > Patient Reports > Patient Statement Listing

InsClass A/R by Cur Ins

This report was reviewed in the Aging Reports course as a way to manage your A/R. This report separates your A/R by insurance class. Once a balance is assigned to a patient, it is assigned to the CP (Cash Patient) insurance class.

Double-click on the CP insurance class to display the Patient Balance Aging report. This report is organized alphabetically by First Name, but can be resorted using the column filters to isolate accounts that require follow-up based on an aging bucket (i.e. 90 or 120).

Patient Statement Listing

This report displays every patient account that received a statement for the location, month, and year selected.

You can use the column filters to isolate accounts that need follow-up.

  1. Claims in Process Balance: Filter out any account that has an outstanding insurance balance.
  2. # of Stmt Totaled: This column displays the total amount of statements sent to a patient. Use filters to isolate accounts that have received more than two statements. Note: This is a running total, meaning it includes ALL statements mailed to a patient, including past resolved treatment episodes.
  3. Date of Last Patient Payment & Last Patient Payment: These two columns display the details of the last patient payment posted to an account. These columns are “real-time.” For example, if a patient made a payment in September as a result of an August statement, that payment would display on the August report.
  4. Lien Account: Filter out any Lien accounts.

After you have filtered this report, you have a list of patient accounts that require follow-up.

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