Error Corrections

This page is used to make corrections or changes to payments and adjustments made on a patient’s account. You have the ability to:

  • Move patient payments back to unassigned payments
  • Move/Transfer insurance payments
  1. Open the Payment menu and select Error Corrections.                    
  2. The Error Corrections page is divided into two sections. The top section is where you enter information about the account and DOS that need correction. The lower section displays the charge and payment information that fit your search criteria. 
    1. Account #: Enter the account number or patient name in this field. You can also use the Magnifying glass icon to open an expanded search window. This is a required field. 
    2. Date of Service: Enter the from and thru dates for the Dates of Service that need correction or leave these fields blank to display all charges on an account. These are required fields. 
    3. Charge Id: RevFlow assigns every charge line a unique numeric charge ID. You can search for your charge by its specific charge ID.
  3. After you enter your search criteria, click the Search button.
  4. Charges and any transactions related to that charge line are shown in a spreadsheet-style layout. 
    1. You'll notice that under each Charge ID there are additional rows for transactions related to that charge. These transactions include insurance payments and adjustments.
    2. Column Headers: The top-row labels items relate to the charge line and the bottom row of the column headers are related to the transactions on that charge. 
  5. To learn more about transactions related to the charge, click on the Charge ID.
  6. On this page, you can change information related to a charge, payment, or adjustment by typing in an available field or by using a drop-down list. Always use caution when making changes as it can affect other aspects of reporting or billing. Note: If the field is grayed out, you are not able to make a change in that field.
    1. Charge: This section contains information about the charge including Date Of Service, Proc_Code (CPT code), Modifiers, and the charge amount.
    2. Payments/Adjustments: These are the payments posted from the payer(s) and patient. You can update key reporting variables such as deposit date and batch number in this section.
  7. Verify that the PR and CO Adjustment Qualifiers follow these requirements.
  8. After you make your necessary corrections, select Save. If no changes are made, you must click Cancel to back out of the detail page.
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