Charge Case Transfer

If charges were inadvertently added to an incorrect case, without the need to delete and reenter, the Charge Case Transfer page allows you to move charges from one case to another on the same account.

Important: The Charge Case Transfer page moves entire Dates of Service, not individual charges. You cannot move single charge lines to a different case using this page.

  1. Open the Charge menu and select Charge-Case Transfer.                                      
  2. Enter the patient’s Account # and press Enter on your keyboard or use the search feature to locate the desired patient.  
  3. Use the From Case drop-down to select the appropriate case where charges need to be transferred from.
  4. Select GO - F2 or press F2 on your keyboard. A list of all DOS associated with the case you selected is displayed.
  5. Use the Move To Case drop-down on the DOS you wish to move and select the correct case.
  6. Click Save - F8 or press F8 on your keyboard. A confirmation will appear. Click OK.
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