Billing Register

The Billing Register displays all of the billing activity for a patient’s claims.

Accessing the Billing Register

  • Select Claim, followed by Billing Register.                                        


  • Click Billing Register in the left navigation pane from the patient’s Account Information page.

Search Criteria

  • From and Thru Date: The date or date range you are interested in viewing.
  • DOS or Bill Date: Select Date of Service or Billed Date. By selecting Date of Service, the report will display billing information for Dates of Service that fit the date or date range you entered. If you select Billed Date, the report will display all claims submitted for the date or date range indicated.
  • Patient ID: Enter the patient’s Account Number. If you do not enter a patient ID, all claims for the DOS or Bill Date selected will be displayed.
  • InActive: Check the box if you need to review inactive charge data.

After you have entered all of your search criteria, click Run Report.

The report displays all claim submission history and indicates if the claim was sent by paper or electronic. If electronic, the clearinghouse name will be displayed.

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