Claim Indicator

You have the ability to submit corrected, late, or voided claims electronically by using the Claim Indicator page. Not all insurance companies have the ability to accept electronic corrected claims. This tool is especially useful for practices in Minnesota whose payers do not accept paper claim submissions.

Important: This tool should never be used for Medicare. Always use a Redetermination or Reconsideration form when correcting Medicare claims.

To access:

  • Select Claim, followed by Claim Indicator.                                        


  • From a patient’s Account Information page, select Claim Indicator from the left navigation pane.


  1. Account: Enter the account number for the patient whose claims need resubmission.
  2. Insurance: Displays a list of insurance companies associated with the patient account selected. Indicate which insurance should receive the claim resubmission. Remember, the patient's primary insurance will be listed first.
  3. Date of Service: Enter a single date or date range for the charges that need to be resubmitted.
  4. Claim #: Enter the original claim number that the insurance company has assigned to the claim.
  5. Action: Select the type of claim you want to resubmit. Your options are Corrected, Late, Void, and Conditional.
  6. Late Reason: If the Action you selected is Late, you must make a selection for Late Reason. You must choose one of the options available on this list.
  7. Condition Code: You can include any required condition codes in this field. Typically, this applies to UB-04 billing. 
  8. Rebill: Click the checkboxes for the line items you need to resubmit.
  9. Save: After you have entered all of the required information click Save to begin the rebilling process.


The Claim Indicator page gives you four options for electronic resubmissions: Corrected, Late, Void, and Conditional.

  • Corrected - This option should be selected if you are updating information on the claim, such as the diagnosis code or the number of units. You must resubmit all charge lines that were on the original claim, even if only one line that needs correction. 
  • Late - This option should be selected if you are submitting a claim to an insurance company for the first time but the Date of Service falls outside of their timely filing limits. Late Reasons are official options in the ANSI specifications so custom entries cannot be added. 
  • Void - If your claim was submitted with the wrong provider or wrong treatment date, you can use the Void action. After the claim is voided by the payer, you must then submit a claim with the correct information. 
  • Conditional - This option is for Medicare Part A institutional claims. Currently, this Action is not functional. If you need to submit a Conditional electronic claim correction, contact
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