Demand Claims

Use the Demand Claims page to reprint or resubmit claims electronically that have previously billed out of RevFlow.

Demand Claims

You can access the Demand Claim page two ways:

  • Click Claim in the menu bar and then select Demand Claims.       
  • Click Demand Claim in the left navigation bar from the patient’s Account Information page.

Demand Claim Search Criteria

  1. Account #: Enter the patient’s Account Number. This field will auto-complete if you open the report from the patient's account.
  2. Insurance: Use the drop-down arrow to display a list of insurances associated with the patient’s account. The patient's payers will be listed with Primary first, then secondary, etc. Select the insurance you want to rebill. Note: When you make a selection for insurance, only line items with an outstanding balance due from that insurance will display in the lower portion of the page. 
  3. Date of Service: Enter a date or range of dates for the claims that need to be resubmitted.
  4. Format: Indicate the desire claim format, such as Paper 1500 2/12 (CMS-1500).
  5. Mode: Select Demand or Batch.
    1. Batch will send the claim electronically to the billing queue. This claim will be scrubbed and then billed out automatically during the nightly billing 
    2. Demand will generate a paper claim that you can print in your office.
    3. Depending on the insurance settings, an option may not be available. For example, Medicare will only accept electronic claims so demand won’t be an option. 
  6. Bill Type: Indicate the responsibility of the payer.

Resubmitting Charges

  1. Status: You are only able to resubmit or print a claim whose status is Ready. 
  2. Select: Click the checkbox to indicate the service line needs to be resubmitted.
  3. Select All: Selects all service lines.
  4. Demand Claims, Batch Claims: Click to resubmit claims. The availability of either of these buttons is dependent on the Mode you selected initially. If you want to update this, change the Mode and use the refresh button. 
  5. Preview Claims: Displays a preview of how the claims will print.


Only charge lines with the status of "Ready" can be rebilled. Below is a table of Billing Statuses as they display on the Demand Claim page and what they mean.

Troubleshooting the Status Column

If you receive an " Insurance is not [primary, secondary, tertiary]" message in the Status column, you must update the Bill Type field to the correct payer responsibility or you won't be able to rebill the claim. 

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