Aging Reports

RevFlow has numerous reports available to help manage your business. There are two real-time aging reports available: Clinic Aging and InsClass A/R by Cur Ins.

To access these reports:

  1. Click Reports in the menu bar, followed by Aging Reports.
  2. Select either Clinic Aging or InsClass A/R by Cur Ins

Clinic Aging

This report is a complete list of your outstanding A/R listed alphabetically by last name.

  1. You can double-click on the patient's Account number to be navigated to their account page. 
  2. The Note column indicates when the most recent note with the Status code was added to a patient's account. This can help you determine when the account was last worked.

InsClas A/R by Cur Ins

This report organizes you’re A/R by insurance class. To display this report:

  1. Enter your search criteria. The search criteria page allows you to make specifications regarding Company, Practice, Place of Service, Group by, and From/Thru Dates. This is especially helpful if your office has multiple locations.                                                                                 
    1. Group By: You can choose from Insurance Class, Insurance Code, or Payer. 
  2. Click Run Report.
  3. The report is organized into rows and columns by insurance class.
  4. The Ins.Class column displays in blue which indicates you can drill-down to display more information related to that cell. To drill-down, double-click the cell you are interested in viewing. For example, if you double-click the cell labeled CI, an aging report for your Cigna insurance class displays.

This aging report makes working A/R efficient and allows you to identify potential problems with a specific payer.

Note: A patient’s account may be listed under multiple insurance classes. For example, a patient may be listed under Blue Cross (BX) if there are unpaid claims pending from Blue Cross, and they may also be listed in Cash Patient (CP) if they have an unpaid patient balance.

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