Creating a Self Pay Case

If you ever need to charge a patient a cancelation or no-show fee, you will need to create a Self Pay case within RevFlow to post these charges to.

  1. Navigate to the patient’s account.
  2. Using the Left Navigation Pane, select Add New Case.                                      
  3. Enter all required Case Information, including Case Name, Injury Type, and Start of Care Date.
  4. Open the Diagnosis tab.
  5. Enter SELF10 as the ICD-10 diagnosis code.
  6. Lastly, open the Primary Insurance tab and enter the following:
    • Insurance Code: SELF
    • Group Number: None
    • Policy Number: None
    • Under Subscriber Information, check the “Same as Patient” box. This auto-populates the required Subscriber Information fields with the patient's data.
  7. Click Save.
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