Create Your Billing Packets

RevFlow will receive some of your EOBs electronically. This does not automatically mean you will receive those payments electronically. You may still receive paper checks for the EOBs we receive. RevFlow will fax or email you the payer, dollar amount, check date, and check number for any electronic payments we post. 

Sort Your Documents

For each clinic submit two separate batches: One for  deposits and one for mail. Your deposits and separate mail correspondence should be mailed or scanned at least weekly. Sort your documents into two packets before you begin to mail or scan them. 

Mail Packet 

Includes ALL Non-Paying Mail: 

  1. Correspondence from insurance companies 
  2. Non-Paying EOBs
    1. EOBs requesting additional information from the payer
    2. EOBs denying payment
    3. EOBs applying the balance to the patients deductible 

Payment Packet

Includes paper payments that have been sent directly to your office: 

  1. Copies of EOBs 
  2. Check deposit log cover sheet that includes the deposit date, check number, dollar amount, and patient account funds for each check received by the clinic.
  3. List EFTs received on the EFT deposit log cover sheet. Please include transaction numbers, deposit date, and the running total.

Create Your Billing Packet

Scan or mail your billing packet in, in the following order:

  1. Billing Packet Deposit Log Cover Sheet: This should include the deposit date (date of the upload), as RevFlow uses this date as the batch date and balances to the total on the Billing Packet Deposit Log Cover Sheet.
    • Split EOBS should not be included in the batch.
    • When you send your last deposit of the month, label your cover sheet "Last Deposit of the Month."
  2. EFT Deposit Log Cover Sheet: Include any EOBs received in that batch period.
  3. EOBs: Keep multiple page EOBs in page order. If EOBs are double-sided, scan both sides of the EOBs. 

Check out an example billing packet here. Be sure to use the Billing Packet Deposit Log Cover Sheet template here and the Billing Packet EFT Deposit Log Cover Sheet template here.

Things to Remember

  • DO NOT include patient payments collected through WebPT/RevFlow in your payment batch or your batch totals. Sending copies of copays entered into RevFlow may cause duplicate posting of those payments.
  • Do not attach any EOBs stating payment is under a separate cover (hold these EOBs until the check arrives so that your deposit amounts match).
  • Scanner resolution should be a minimum of 300 DPI. 
  • Do not scan documents in color, scan in black and white only.
  • Scan both sides of double-sided documents
  • Save the scanned packets to your computer 

Store Your Packets  

We recommend creating a main designated folder titled RevFlow Payments and Mail to store your packets. Within that folder, we recommend creating an archived or uploaded packets folder to keep track of those that have or have not been uploaded to FileZilla. 

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