RevFlow Overview

Welcome to RevFlow. Let’s review some key functionality of the system that will help you as you learn the application. 

RevFlow Window

RevFlow is separated into two distinct sections:

  • Work Area
  • Frame

The Work Area changes based on selections made. This is where you can see patient records, billing information, and reports.

The Frame, also called the Persistent Area, displays elements that are always present, even when the Work Area changes. This is made up of three items:

  • Menu Bar
  • Left Navigation Pane
  • Interactive Report Icon Bar

RevFlow Frame

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar allows you to access the various areas of the application. Depending on your user role, not all menu options will be available. Use these options to run reports, view patient information, or create and assign tasks.

Selecting the RevFlow logo at any time will display the Home Page.

Add Tab +

Use this button on the far-right to open a new tab in the application. You can have up to four tabs open at the same time and can toggle between the tabs by clicking on them. To remove a tab, click the X next to the tab’s name.

Lock and Logout

  • Lock: Use when you need to step away from your computer temporarily. The screen is blacked out to hide PHI and prohibits any unauthorized activity. Reenter your password to activate the screen to continue working.
  • Logout: Closes all active windows and terminates the session.

Left Navigation Pane

The left navigation pane comprises the left side of the RevFlow Frame. It includes: 

  • My Favorites
  • Current Page Actions/Previous Reports
  • Recent Items

You can use the Hide Navigation link to hide the bar from view, giving you a larger Work Area.

Patient Search Box

To search for a patient, begin entering the first name, last name, or the patient’s Account #. As matches are found, they are displayed below the search box. Select the desired patient to display their records in the Work Area. You can also perform a more advanced search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

My Favorites

You can add pages that you access frequently to this list for faster navigation. For more information, please see: Creating and Managing Favorites.

Current Page Actions/Previous Reports

This shows links pertinent to the current page that is displayed in the Work Area.

Recent Items

This shows a history of the 10 most recent pages you visited over the course of your current session in RevFlow. To display one of those pages, simply click on the entry.

The Interactive Report Icon Bar

Clicking the star icon allows you to add whatever page you’re currently viewing to your My Favorites menu in the Left Navigation Bar. 

Home Page

When you first log into the application, the Home Page is shown in the Work Area. There are four panels that provide useful information to help you with your workflow. Some items are clickable links while others are just informational text.

My RevFlow

This section shows links to work queues, notices about work you need to complete, or other information that is important in order for you to get your work done.  You can also manage your password and your favorites here.


This panel provides news about health care policy changes and application maintenance. 

Information Links

This section provides a link to the BMS Resource Center, where you can find training guides, training videos, and information about how to use RevFlow. 

Client Support

This panel provides information for contacting RevFlow Support if you have questions or require assistance using RevFlow.

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