Direct Charge Entry

While charges flow over as each Daily Note is finalized, there will be times when you need to manually add a charge into RevFlow. These can include:

  • Patient Late/No-Show Fee
  • Insufficient Funds Fee
  • A patient purchases supplies

Accessing Charge Entry

  1. Open the Charge menu and select Add Charges.

  2. Next, use the Search Box to select a patient.

  3. Finally, use the Case drop-down to select the appropriate case. Only cases that are active and are not marked as incomplete are available for selection.

Case Information

  1. Enter all required information (*) and other pertinent details.

  • Date of Service*: Enter a date in the past that the charges will be associated with
  • Pre-Authorization: If billing insurance on a case that requires an authorization, use this drop-down.
  • Billing Provider*: Defaulted to the Billing Provider indicated on the case.
  • Plan of Care: Will populate if listed on the case.
  • Diagnosis: Use the Add/Edit Dx box if you need to add/edit codes.

Charge Entry

  1. Enter the required information (*) regarding each charge.

  • CPT Code*
  • Units*
  • Amount: Auto-populates using your Fee Schedule.
  • Mod 1Mod 2
  • Dx(s): Defaults to all available diagnoses.

If you need to add/remove any line, use the corresponding buttons on the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. When you have finished entering charges, click Save.

Note: All patient payments should be entered in the WebPT EMR. Do not use the Save & Apply Payment in Full button.

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