Supervised By: Therapist Assistant Finalization Setting

This feature is only available for integrated WebPT EMR + RevFlow users. This is not supported by any other billing integration.

In order to increase billing efficiency, therapist assistants can finalize notes once they’ve chosen a supervising therapist when documenting if they have the correct permissions. This removes the need for supervising therapists to cosign notes that were forwarded to them by assistants.

In order for therapist assistants to use this functionality, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The clinic must be integrated with RevFlow;
  2. The Therapist Assistant Finalization Clinic Setting must be On (click here for instructions);
  3. The Therapist Assistant Finalization Insurance Setting must be On (click here for instructions),
  4. Each therapist assistant must have the Finish SOAP Notes user permission enabled (click here for instructions).

Using Supervised by When Finalizing Notes

Let’s review how the feature works when an assistant is finalizing a note and the above criteria have been met. Once the assistant reaches the billing tab of an evaluative note or the plan tab of a daily note, they will have the option of forwarding or finalizing the note. The therapist assigned to the case will populate the Supervisor drop-down by default but can be updated. Note: when an assistant forwards or finalizes a note both the assistant's and supervising therapist’s initials will display on the patient chart.

Forwarding the Note

If you want to forward the note, select the Forward Daily Note radio button, choose the supervising therapist from the drop-down, and click the Foward button. This option will be selected by default.

Finalizing the Note

If you want to finalize the note, select the Supervised by radio button, choose the supervising therapist from the drop-down, and click Finalize Daily Note (remember, it is a best practice to preview your note before finalizing).

How does this appear in the WebPT EMR and in Reporting?

The note will show that it was finalized by the therapist assistant, with a small note in the PDF indicating it was finalized under supervision.

What does this mean for the claim in RevFlow?

The claim will be billed under the provider selected in the Supervised By drop-down, just like the Forward function. This means that the supervising provider’s NPI will appear on the claim in RevFlow, without the provider needing to co-sign the note. This is specifically designed for jurisdictions in the United States that do not require providers to co-sign notes for therapist assistants, and will not apply to everyone.

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