Updates, EDI, & Support

There are designated email addresses for you to contact when updates or corrections need to be made on patient accounts or to your RevFlow database. The following is a list of updates and questions and where they should be sent. If you are unsure of where to send a specific inquiry, contact your Customer Service Rep and they will route it appropriately.

Updates - updates@webpt.com

  • Patient Account Corrections
  • Fee Schedule Changes
  • Missing Authorization: Once you've obtained the authorization and added it to the patient's chart in the WebPT EMR, you must also email Updates so they can attach the auth to those charges.
  • Integration Issues
  • Referring Physician Corrections
  • Insurance Changes
  • Scrubbing Rules: Applying Modifiers, Number of Units Billed
  • Billing Guidelines
  • Merge Duplicate Accounts
  • Claim Delay Report Questions: Invalid DX, Missing Referring Provider NPI, Charges for Newly Imported, Plan of Care Date, Evals Missing FLR, Invalid DX Type for Payer, Misc Hold by BMS

The following Claim Delays can be released by the Member without contacting the RevFlow Updates department:

  • Misc Hold by Clinic
  • No Authorization
  • Missing Demo
  • Incomplete Patient Information
  • Pending Addendum
  • Pending Provider Credentialing Certification

EDI - EDI.help@webpt.com

  • New Providers
  • Provider/Group Credentialing
  • New Place of Service
    • Important: If you are adding a location under a new TIN or acquiring a business, you must reach out to your WebPT Success Manager to begin this process. 
  • Address Changes: Mailing, Pay-To, Location
  • Tax ID Change
  • Clinic Name Change
  • New Contract Information
  • EDI/ERA Enrollment Questions, including requesting a new EDI Enrollment
  • Minute Rule Overrides
  • Claim Delay Report Questions: Therapist Not Medicare Certified, Therapist Not US Department of Labor Certified, Therapist Not Medicaid Certified, Therapist Not Railroad Medicare Certified

RevFlow Support - RevFlowSupport@webpt.com - (844) 358-5817

  • Issues with the RevFlow application
  • Training Questions
  • Enhancement Requests
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