Custom Codes

If your clinic uses Custom CPT codes for self-pay patients and supplies, they will first need to be added to your RevFlow Procedure Code database.

In RevFlow

When your clinic is created in RevFlow, you will need to supply a copy of your CPT Fee Schedule, including any Custom CPT Codes. For existing clinics, you must email to add new custom codes.

To see a list of active custom codes, navigate to Reports > Constants ReportsProcedure Code List.

Often, clinics will use Custom CPT Codes instead of the standard codes in order to charge a lower rate for Self Pay patients.

In the WebPT EMR

Self Pay & Supplies

At the bottom of the Untimed Codes, Timed Codes, Supplies, Splints/Orthotics, Casts, and Braces sections of the Billing Sheet on a SOAP note, you will find a space for Custom CPT codes.

Enter the code into the CPT # field exactly is it appears in your RevFlow Procedure Code List.

For example, your clinic charges a discounted evaluation rate for patients without insurance. When your clinic was created, you submitted your CPT Fee Schedule with the code  Eval60 to indicate a 60-minute initial evaluation. However, when the therapist documents on the Billing Sheet, they type 60Eval into the Custom # field. Because the code entered does not match exactly to your Procedure List in RevFlow, a charge error will generate on the Rejection Summary.

Billing Supplies

Although an insurance will not typically pay for Custom CPT Codes, any custom supply codes added to a Daily Note will bill out to the patient’s insurance. Afterward, the remaining balance will be due by the patient.

To ensure that payments are applied correctly, all supplies should be recorded in the documentation and payments should be posted to the patient’s chart in the WebPT EMR using the Supply charge type. The Supply charge type should be set to integrate under the Clinic Settings.

If supplies are purchased outside of a normal visit or are not documented on a Daily Note, they need to be manually added into RevFlow to appear on the patient’s statement. The corresponding payment should still be entered into the EMR to satisfy the outstanding charge amount. For more information, please see: Direct Charge Entry.

Note: For DME supplies, documentation will need to be created under your clinic's DME Payer in the WebPT EMR.

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