Balancing Visits

It is recommended that you balance your visits between the two systems on a daily basis.

Important Balancing Notes
  • Due to automatic scrubbing rules that are programmed into WebPT Billing, the number of units may not be accurate. For example: If a payer only reimburses up to 2 units of a service code but the provider billed for 3 units, the system will automatically remove the extra unit. Thus, the WebPT EMR will display 3 units while WebPT Billing will only show 2 units. There is no report to see what was scrubbed off, which is why we do not recommend you balance by charges. 
  • If you use the NORCM CPT Code or No Charges this Visit (NC001) checkbox to prevent certain patient documentation from flowing into WebPT Billing, your visit count will be higher in the WebPT EMR Reports. This is because the NORCM/NC001 codes ensure the visit does not flow into WebPT Billing. Note: We recommend using NORCM instead of NC001 as NORCM allows you to document the treatment codes provided during the service.
  • When balancing by Finalized Date (WebPT EMR) and Created Date (RevFlow), you may find discrepancies in your totals. This happens when a charge is finalized in the WebPT EMR and ends up on the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary report in RevFlow. Let's review an example: Charges are finalized on 11/4 and get held on the Integration Rejection Summary Report. Because those charges haven't imported into RevFlow, they have not been assigned a Created Date. On 11/5, the error on those charges is resolved, and the charges successfuly import into RevFlow with a Created Date of 11/5. So, while the charges will have a Finalized Date of 11/4 in the WebPT EMR, their Created Date is 11/5, so that date won't balance. This is why we recommend balancing weekly.

Before You Balance

  1. Review the Missed Notes Report in WebPT to ensure that all notes have been finalized for the date or date range that you are balancing.
  2. Review the Claims Feed Report in WebPT and verify that all Financial transmissions were successful.
  3. Resolve any entries located on the WebPT Integration Rejection Summary in RevFlow.

Balance Visits

  1. Navigate to the Billing Report located within WebPT.                                   
  2. Filter and run the report by Finalized Date.  
  3. Locate the header that displays the total Visits and Units.                                                                                       
  4. Navigate to the Charge Audit Summary report in RevFlow. Run the report by Created Date.
  5. Run the report for the corresponding Place of Service and select the same date as WebPT’s Billing Report.
  6. Click the blue link in the Prov column to switch views. This view will display the total Visits and Units.
  7. Compare the total Visits between the two reports to ensure they match. Remember, the number of Units might not match due to the automatic scrubbing rules built into the system.

Confirming New Patient Visits

To verify the number of new patient visits, you can use these same two reports.

  1. On WebPT’s Billing Report, sort by CPT Code.            
  2. Locate all sections for IE codes (i.e. 97161, 97162, and 97163) and sum the total number of units. Don’t forget to check separate entries for CPT codes with modifiers.    
  3. On RevFlow’s POS Summary Charge Stats report, find the total number of New visits.
  4. Compare the totals to ensure they match.
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