Charge Audit Report

After a note is finalized and charges flow into RevFlow, they are listed on the Charge Audit report. Use this report to review charges before they are scrubbed for errors. The number of days the charges are held on this page are determined by the administrator/owner. This report should be reviewed daily.

A common use of the Charge Audit page is to place charges on hold that your clinic does not want to invoice immediately. This is often the case when you have providers that are not yet approved to submit claims to specific payers.

For Medicare, the system will automatically hold the charges if the provider’s profile does not contain the proper credentials. For more information, please see: Therapist Not Medicare Certified.

Working the Report

  1. Open the Charge menu and select Charge Audit.
  2. This report is run individually for each location. To view charges for a particular location prior to releasing, click the number under Audit Charges. 
  3. You can filter this report by Insurance Class, Provider, and/or Place of Service. Click Run Report
  4. Charge lines are grouped by patient and date of service. If you notice anything that is incorrect, or potentially needs further review, you can Pend the charges using the Release/Pend drop-down. Important, you don't need to Release each charge individually. Charges that have not been pended will automatically be released from this report after the establish hold duration.
  5. If Pend is selected, you must also indicate a Pend Reason for each Date of Service. This is where you can designate that a provider is not yet certified to bill a payer by selecting Pending Provider Credentialing Certification. 
  6. Click Release at the bottom of the window to process your selections. Remember, you don't need to go through every charge and release them individually.
    1. Any charges that you've Pended will automatically be placed on the Charge Claim Delay Summary report.
    2. Any charges marked as Release will be sent through the scrubbing process to bill.
    3. Any charges where no action has been taken will remain on the report until they are automatically released at the end of their hold period. To release all these charges now, follow the instructions in the Releasing Charges without Review section.

Releasing Charges without Review

Once your organization has been using RevFlow for a while and everything has been billing out correctly, you probably won't need to review charges that frequently. Remember, charges will be released automatically after the hold period. But if you want to manually release them early, add a checkmark in the Release All column and select Release Charges

Edit Charges

  1. If you need to edit charges following an addendum, select the Edit or Edit Visit button next to a charge. 
  2. Make any changes to the Charge Entry page. 
  3. Select Save to return to the Charge Audit report.
  4. Continue with the audit process as previously described.
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