How to Use Reports

Let’s review how to manipulate reports to pinpoint specific information. You have the ability to drill down, sort, and filter the information to get to the key metrics that are important to maintaining your practice and running the company.


On many reports, there will be fields highlighted in blue or white. Double-clicking on one of these fields allows you to drill-down into the report for further information. For this example, let’s drill-down on AMCR Adjustment Code.

The results are more detailed and provide you with what patients had adjustments using that code. For this report, you have two more options:

  • Account #: This will open the patient’s account information page.
  • Detail: This will drill-down again

Let’s go ahead and drill-down some more.

For this patient, we can now see what DOS and CPT code the adjustment was posted on. Notice that the Previous Reports section on the left allows you to backtrack to the previous results.

Group and Sort

You can also group information in a report by dragging the column header to the top of the report.

Once grouped, click on a column header in the Grouped By area to sort by ascending or descending order. To remove the grouping, you can either drag the header back to their original position or click on the X located to the right of the header name when hovering over it.


A filter icon displays next to each column heading. You use the filter icon to filter what appears on the report based on the information in the column.

Print and Export

Use the buttons located at the bottom-right of each report to print or export the results to a CSV file.

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