Creating and Managing Favorites

Let’s review how to create and manage favorites for pages you use regularly in RevFlow. You can save a maximum of five favorites.

Important: It is not recommended to favorite reports as it simply makes a copy. If updates are made to the functionality of a report, it will be not reflected in the favorited version.

The Favorites Icon

The favorites icon is located on the bottom-right of the frame in RevFlow. This icon allows you to save pages to My Favorites in the left navigation pane.

Adding a Favorite

  1. Navigate to the page that you want to favorite.
  2. Click on the star icon located in the bottom-right of the frame.
  3. The Add Favorite box displays with the name of the page you are currently viewing.
  4. You can rename the link or accept it as written.
  5. Click Add. The page is added to your list of favorites. The star icon turns green when you are on this page.

Updating a Favorite

You can change the label of a favorite at any time. The most common reasons are typographical errors or changes in personal or clinic names.

  1. Click on the name of the favorite you want to update in the left navigation panel. The page you have marked as a favorite displays.
  2. Click on the star icon located in the bottom-right of the frame.
  3. The Manage Favorite dialog box displays.                    
  4. Correct the name of the favorite, then click Update.

Replacing a Favorite

You can replace an existing favorite with a new favorite once you have reached the maximum.

  1. Navigate to the new page you want to add.
  2. Click the star icon, then click Add.
  3. The Replace Favorite dialog box appears. Click on the name of the page you want to replace with the new page.                                                                 

Removing a Favorite

There are two ways to remove a page from your list of favorites.

Method 1

  1. Click on the name of the page under My Favorites.
  2. When the page displays, click on the star icon.
  3. The Manage Favorite box displays.                                
  4. Click Remove.

Method 2

  1. Click on the RevFlow logo in the top-left corner of the frame. The non-provider Home Page displays.
  2. Double-click Manage My Favorites in the My RevFlow panel.
  3. Click on the Favorites tab.
  4. Then, click Edit at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the page you wish to remove by clicking once on it.
  6. Click Remove on the right of the page.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
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