Creating Users

When you create a new user, you specify which areas of RevFlow the user will be able to access. This article provides instructions on how to create a new user and set up access to the areas in RevFlow required for their position. Only users with Admin permissions can create new RevFlow Users.

Create a User

  1. Open the Admin menu, followed by User Setup, and select Users.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click New.

User Information

Complete the required user information fields. 

  • First Name (Required)
  • Last Name (Required)
  • Email (Required)
  • Phone (Required)
  • Allow Outside Access: Allows the user to access the application outside of the IP Addresses included in the user’s profile. 

  • Is Note Approved: Allows providers to create and edit notes. 
  • Is Active: Checked by default. Denotes that the user has active access to the system.
  • Override Chg. Entry Supply Only: Checking this box restricts the user from entering charges other than supplies.
  • Edit All Person’s Schedules: Allows users to edit schedules (RevFlow EMR users only)
  • Location Schedule Access: Allows users to view the schedule for the locations they are included in.

  • User Name (Required)
  • User Type (Required): Select the magnifying glass, click Search, and then select Customer.
  • Role (Required): Select the magnifying glass, click Search, and then select the appropriate option.
  • Default Company ID: Defaults to your clinic.

  • Password (Required)

App Permissions

Below the general user information is App Permissions. Here you can add additional permissions, places of service, and notification windows. 

Available Additional Permissions

Additional permissions can be assigned to a user in addition to the assigned role permissions. Simply select a permission and click Add. Permissions in the Selected Additional Permissions box will be given when the user is saved. If additional permissions are needed, please email with the permissions to assign to this user.

Available Places of Service

If your company has multiple locations, you can set up the places of service where this user practices. Select the desired POS from the list and click Add.

Set Up IP Permissions

Once a user has been added, you can add IP permissions. The user must be saved prior to completing this step. 

  1. Edit the user.                                                                                                                            
  2. Navigate to the IP Permissions tab.                         
  3. Select Add IP
  4. Enter the user’s IP address into the IP Address field. Be sure to include the periods. After you enter the IP address, verify that the Is Enabled box is checked.                                                 

Tip: To find out the user’s IP address, you need to be at the same location as the user you are setting up. Go to and type “what is my IP” to see a list of websites that will report the user’s public IP address.

When to Remove User Access

When a staff member, specifically those with a Role of "Payment Poster" or "CSR and Payment Poster," is no longer employed with your practice, do not inactivate their user account. Inactivating their account will remove reporting for all payments they've posted, rendering all payment reports useless.

To revoke RevFlow access from these individuals, simply remove any IP Addresses from their profile. Additionally, you should change their password for added security.

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