Patient Header

Let’s review the information available in the patient header.

Patient Header - Unexpanded View

The patient header is shown in the unexpanded view when it first displays. Patient fields are non-case specific and refer to the patient information.


  • Patient Name and Account #: Click to display the patient’s information
    • When yellow,  a patient comment is available. Hover over the name to display comments.
  • Telephone #: Displays the preferred contact number.
  • Status: Displays Active or Inactive. Displays “Incomplete Information” if missing information.
  • Patient DOB: The patient’s Date of Birth.


  • Precautions: Hover to display allergies or other precautions defined on the last case.
  • Information: Hover to display the following information:
    • Case name and the effective date
    • Referring Physician
    • Referring Physician telephone and fax number
    • Plan of Care Expiration Date
    • Insurance address
    • Insurance telephone number
    • Group and Policy numbers
  • Appointment: Click to display all of the patient’s appointments and their statuses. 
  • Receipt: Click on it to print a patient receipt.
  • Collections: Banner appears under the patient name when the Flag Collections box of the Account Summary is checked. 
  • Sticky: Click to display sticky notes on the case.
  • Expand: Click to expand the patient header view.

Patient Header - Expanded View

The expanded view of the patient header contains all the same field and icon information seen on the unexpanded view, as well as the items defined below.


  • Provider
  • Case: Effective Date only appears if there is more than one case. Also, a drop-down will appear to switch between cases.
  • Network Copay
  • Authorization Expires
  • Insurance Class
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Eligible Thru
  • Total Visits, Visits Used, Visits Left
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