RevServe Onboarding Program Outline

The WebPT + RevServe Onboarding Program is designed to get you started using RevServe and provide insight into the key elements of the WebPT EMR integration. Expect to spend about two hours on this program. Each title header links to the course in the WebPT University catalog.

Getting Started with RevServe (40 min)

In this course, we introduce the RevFlow basics like system navigation, how to communicate within RevFlow with tasks and account notes, and user management, including defining user roles. 

  • WebPT + RevServe Workflows Guide (Printable)
  • RevFlow: Introduction Video
  • Basic Functionality of RevFlow
  • Setup: Creating and Managing Favorites
  • Communication Tools
  • Creating and Tracking Tasks
  • Report Functionality
  • Create New Users
  • User Roles
  • Reset a Password

WebPT + RevServe: Patient Payments (20 min)

This course focuses on how to set up and collect patient payments in the WebPT EMR and how those payments appear in RevFlow. We also show how to balance patient payments between the two systems. 

  • Integrated Patient Payments
  • Payment Integration Workflows
  • Payment on Account
  • Balancing Patient Payments

WebPT + RevServe: Charges (30 min)

Once notes are finalized in the WebPT EMR, the associated charges flow into RevFlow. This course explores the various stages the claim goes through, including any reports where claims may be held prior to billing. Additionally, you’ll learn how to add charges directly in RevFlow.

  • WebPT Integration Rejection Summary
  • Balancing Visits
  • Charge Audit Report
  • Claim Delay
  • Release Claim Delay
  • Therapist Not Medicare Certified
  • Creating a Self Pay Case
  • Adding Charges in RevFlow
  • Editing or Deleting a Charge

WebPT + RevServe: Integration Best Practices (35 min)

This course focuses on how data flows from the WebPT EMR into RevFlow. This includes information on how to prevent dates of service from importing, and how that impacts your reporting. We’ve also included some FAQs, troubleshooting tips, and a printable workflow guide.

  • WebPT + RevFlow Best Practices
  • Required Patient Information
  • Authorizations FAQ
  • Custom CPT Codes
  • Changing Insurance Mid-Treatment
  • NORCM Protocol
  • Addendums
  • DME Cases
  • Troubleshooting Patient Accounts and Charges
  • Workflows Impacting Analytics Reporting

Billing Packets: Preparing and Sending (RevServe) (20 min)

In this course, we'll show you how to set up your FileZilla account to upload your weekly billing packets. These packets contain the payment and denial information needed for the RCM team to manage those workflows. You may not be required to complete this course if your organization chooses not to use FileZilla.

  • Installing FileZilla
  • FileZilla Account Setup
  • Create Your Billing Packets
  • Upload Billing Packets to FileZilla
  • Example Billing Packet
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