FIleZilla & Billing Packet FAQ

Is FileZilla compatible with Windows, Macintosh & Linux operating systems? 

Yes, FileZilla works with all major operating systems. Just make sure you download the correct version.

Are there any costs/fees associated with FileZilla? 

FileZilla is free.

What does SFTP stand for? 

The SSH File Transfer Protocol (also Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP) is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream.

Do I have to use FileZilla as the FTP application? 

No. The FTP credentials we provide are compatible with the FTP application of your choice. Please notify your Onboarding Specialist if you choose to use a different application.

Does FileZilla have a file size limit? 

No. However, we do recommend separating larger files to multiple files as this will help with transfer speed.

Do I need multiple FileZilla credentials to install on multiple devices? 

No, you’ll only need one set of credentials. You can install FileZilla on multiple devices using the same credentials for all users in your organization.

Where can I find the account setup information (i.e. Protocol, Host, Port…etc.)? 

The FileZilla Setup instructions can be found here: 

  1. Installing FileZilla
  2. FileZilla Account Setup
  3. Create your Billing Packet
  4. Uploading Billing Packets to FileZilla

Where can I find the FileZilla Username and Password? 

Your FileZilla credentials are provided by your onboarding specialist. If you have not received your credentials or do not know them, please contact your Onboarding Specialist. If you are no longer in onboarding, reach out to

When I’m finished uploading my billing packet, who do I need to contact? 

Once the upload is complete, send an email to advising that you have completed a billing packet upload.

How often do I need to upload a billing packet? 

While you may upload packets as often as you’d like, we require you to upload your packets at least once a week.

When will my payments be posted? 

Once your batch is upload by FTP (FileZilla) WebPT will process and post your payments within 3-5 days of receipt.

What does EFT stand for? 

EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer and is the process of electronically moving funds from one bank account directly to another.

Do I need to include copays in the billing packet? 

No. Only include paper payments from payers that have been sent to your office; this includes copies of EOBs, Checks and listing the EFTs received.

What are the scanner specs I should be aware of? 

Your scanner resolution should be a minimum of 300 DPI. Only scan in black and white. If documents are double-sided, make sure to scan both sides. [a]Given that we separated out the videos - we should separate out the articles so that they cover the same info as the videos.

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