Uploading Billing Packets to FileZilla

Use FileZilla when you are ready to upload scanned documents to the secure RevFlow FTP site. 

  1. Click the Site Manager icon and select RevFlow to automatically be connected to the server.  
  2. Select the folder where you store your scanned documents in the Local Site box and all available documents will be available directly below.
  3. Open the main folder that was named RevFlow Payments and Mail. 
  4. Once the folder is open, highlight all documents you would like to scan, drag and drop them to the Remote Site box to the right. This will automatically initiate the file transfer process. 
  5. Once you upload your file(s), send an email with your RevFlow Clinic Code in the Subject Line of the email to FTPConfirmations@webpt.com. You will receive a confirmation via email within 24 hours from the scanning department. 

Things to Remember 

  • Scan or mail your billing packets on a weekly basis.
  • The last batch of the month should be sent to us no later than the third business day of the following month. 
  • For companies directed to use External Documents: Upload your billing packets using the WebPT EMR's External Documents feature.
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