Balancing Patient Payments

It is recommended that you balance your patient payments between the two systems on a daily basis.

  1. In the WebPT EMR, navigate to the Payment Log.
  2. Select Date of Transaction from the Group By drop-down, enter the date range, and click Generate Report.
  3. In RevFlow, open the Reports, Audit Reports, and choose Payment Balancing. Tip: Use the Payment Balancing (Full Access) report to see payments posted by the RCM staff at WebPT.
  4. Choose Posting Date from the By drop-down and enter the same date range as used in the Payment Log. Click Search.
  5. From the records shown, filter the results to display only payments collected through the integration. Click on the Filter icon in the User header, select Integration Import, Not mapped to a user.
  6. Compare the total Amount in RevFlow to the Payments amount in the WebPT EMR Payment Log. 
    1. Payment Balancing
    2. WebPT Payment Log
    3. Note: The Internal Payment charge type does not flow into RevFlow, which is why and should always be excluded from the calculation. Additionally, you can choose which charge types appear in RevFlow in your clinic settings.
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